Time Is Never in Our Hands

Gone are the days were I was urged to eat, play and sleep by my parents each day. Childhood was such wonderful experience that quickly faded away. I now sit here wondering how I am suddenly in my early 20s trying to figure out what path I should follow. All I remember was running around like headless chicken on the dusty veranda in our small bricked cottage playing hide n seek with my little siblings. At that time I never thought childhood would easily fade away. If I known maybe I would have never taken it for granted or give my parents such a headache by refusing to sleep. Adulthood has hit all of us like a tonne of breaks. Decision making, responsibilities, priorities and the list goes on. Time is not ours; my dear friends. A child born becomes a teenager over night. We think we have forever to ask that girl on a date or follow that dream or pursue a course. But time is never ours. The minute you open your eyes, the clock ticks endlessly not waiting for you to decide.

My point is that time is never in our palms. When was the keep going time you walked around web based life checking through individuals’ profiles just to acknowledge you went through three hours. Maybe, the time you were out on the town getting a charge out of each minute with that exceptional minute just to check your telephone to understand it’s a great opportunity to bid farewell to jump on your late transport home. Think about the occasions when you needed to hold up an additional hour in the wake of missing your transport since somebody was strolling gradually blocking you to get in time. An hour lost is an hour you will never get back. Regardless of how cautiously we plan for consistently, week or year, it is simply not all very our own to do with however we see fit. Every so often, I am everlastingly feeling like time is being torn out from under me. On occasion it’s interesting how we as a whole spin around calendars of time and it does nothing to suit any of us.

Presently we as a whole have the decision to change something about that. Maybe, we could go take back a lot of time as we can and go through it with the individuals and diversions that we love. Invest less energy thinking and bounce on to that journey transport with your adored one and gain experiences. Quit checking your face book at regular intervals for another notice however be savvy with your time. Take that nourishment course and learn a couple of dishes you can be glad for. Call your parent reveal to them you love them before it’s past the point of no return. Time isn’t our own to save.

Appreciate your cherished one and treat every minute with them exceptional. Let your kids appreciate every recess as they will never be youthful until the end of time. Be appreciative for every day, year you live. Life is short. There will never be sufficient opportunity to would what you like to do.

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