Designed for a Purpose

Purpose creates the existence of everything which we see. The things which are seen existing are in existence because of its purpose. Purpose must be fulfilled and so things are built to exist as a means through which purpose is fulfilled, that without purpose nothing will exist. Everything built was made with the purpose in mind which means that purpose makes the things which we see possible. This is quite a compelling understanding because with this understand we can fully be aware of the reason why things are made differently, why a shoe does not look like an airplane because of their difference in purpose which created the obtrusive difference in the invention.

Reason for HUMANS

Watching lives being lived without finding intention is one of the most upsetting perspectives to watch. We carry on with a befuddled life when we will not find our motivation, denying ourselves the chance to carry on with the existence that is loaded with everything that is for us as it were. We exist to fill a need, it is in the filling of the need that we truly are living thus to be uninformed of direction is to exist without living. Anything that lives outside of its motivation gets futile to itself as well as other people, similar to a shoe, on the off chance that it goes outside of its motivation, it gets pointless, pointless in light of the fact that its latent capacity isn’t been utilized and it is not the slightest bit needful in a spot outside of its motivation. Every last one of us is made contrastingly due to the distinctive reason we need to satisfy thus our natural potential varies. We are one of a kind like it or not.


There is an obvious battle that is found in according to the ones who are wildly looking for after the information on their motivation. It has in a manner set down certain individuals down the plane of search, put off the fire that consumes for coming into reason. Right now life, it isn’t all that goes into the woods that turns out with the disclosure of their motivation. It is in a similar look we have as people that make it hard to find our motivation. A vehicle and a telephone, the reason for existing is prominent on the grounds that we see the contrast among them and we comprehend that our one of a kind reason makes us diverse however looking from the outside of ourselves, we resemble the other the same and that has left us with the battle that has driven numerous to kick the bucket without satisfying their motivation.

Step by step instructions to KNOW OUR PURPOSE

It is basic that we come rapidly into the spot of direction to carry on with our novel life all the more completely. Realizing your motivation is an answer for the disarray you experience in your life, the mirror which you see the spot you fit and the response to why you are said to be one of a kind.

The initial step is to go to your maker. The reason for a creation is in the psyche of the innovator thus in the event that you can’t see the motivation behind a thing, you ask the person who made it. It is consequently obligatory to go to God the person who made us to discover our motivation. The looking for of God’s face is the disclosure of direction thus to be in the creators mind is to discover your motivation. On the off chance that you can get God to keep you in his psyche by looking for him covetously, he will uncover to you your motivation.

The subsequent advance is a type of self-investigation. Watching yourself from inside to perceive how unique you are from others on the grounds that the distinctions is because of your motivation so the minute you search for how extraordinary you are from others, you make you fully aware of find your motivation. This leads me to an idea that your motivation is your actual personality, that what your identity is isn’t in the similitudes you have with others however in the distinctions, that is the reason when we attempt to fit in with others, we bargain the chance of finding what our identity is and preventing ourselves the information from securing our motivation. The ones, who truly know what their identity is, carry on contrastingly and if not previously living deliberately, can without much of a stretch observe it. They are the most gainful, significant and viable individual on the planet

To find reason for existing is to know about what your identity is. It gives your life a feeling of importance and duty, a strategic vision. To live intentionally is to satisfy the goal of the person who made you.

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